A dental crown is a “fixed-cap” made of porcelain, porcelain and metal, or gold. It provides full coverage of a tooth like a “hat” It can be used to restore the strength, shape and size, and improve the colour and appearance of a tooth.

A crown may be needed in the following circumstances;

  • when a tooth has cracks and/or fractures. A crown can protect the tooth from cracking further and preventing bacteria entering the tooth. This may prevent a tooth from needing to have root canal treatment or needing to be extracted.
  • teeth with very large fillings with very little healthy tooth structure remaining. This may support the tooth and prevent it breaking further therefore preventing the need for an extraction.
  • teeth which have had root canal treatment. This maintains a sterile seal on the tooth after it has been treated and helps to prevent it splitting or breaking.
  • to change appearance of misshaped and discoloured teeth.